WIW in London

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you’ve all enjoyed the sunshine this week and dug out all the summer clothes looming in the back of your wardrobes! I’m sure in true UK style this is just a sign of summer false-hope but I’m enjoying it whilst it’s here!

Today’s post is a fashion-related one, I’m going to be sharing with you what I wore during my trip to London. I always find packing to go away a challenge as I always want to take my whole wardrobe so I had pre-planned my outfits so there are some inter-changeable accessories seen throughout!


Day 1- Travelling down and Sightseeing


I knew that whatever I wore on this day I was going to be in it for a looong time so I needed to be comfortable. This outfit was very similar to the one I recently styled in my previous blog post.

Top half:

I wore the jacket I bought from ebloggers as seen in my previous blog post. I paired the jacket with a new white shirt which I recently bought from Primark. Unfortunately, the weather was oh so typically British so my Topshop mac (many seasons old now) does make a frequent appearance in this post but I love it and think it makes any outfit look ‘put together’. And for those who know me, you know I love my baker boy hat from Topshop- I can’t wait to wear my Spring pink one soon!

Bottom half:

On my bottom half I wore my black jeans from Primark. I absolutely love these Primark jeans as they’re the only ones I can find that are 34” long in length to fit my long old legs and they’re only about £8 (calling tall girls- if you have any recommendations of where to find long jeans that would be appreciated). Now my favourite part of this outfit is definitely my white boots which I recently bought from Topshop. I’m always told to wear something comfortable on my feet whenever I go to London due to the amount of walking but I sacrificed comfort for fashion. BUT I can safely say THESE BOOTS WERE MADE FOR WALKING! My Fitbit informs me that these lil’ boots successfully walked 27,965 steps and 12.9 miles in ONE DAY!

As I was staying just outside of central London, I didn’t get chance to do an outfit change for the evening which I normally would have done.


Day 2-More sightseeing 

I really liked my outfit on day 2 as I wore this lovely suit I bought from Next. This suit can be bought as separates, trousers and jacket, or as a whole suit which is what I did. I paired this with a slogan tee from River Island (which I must admit, I borrowed from my lovely Mum!). I opted for white trainer style pumps (comfort-right?), also from Primark but I loved these trainers as they look and feel such good quality and the sole is very sturdy. I also had to pop my mac over the top of this outfit as I had underestimated the dull and cold April weather!

I’m planning to do a blog post all about this suit so here is a little ‘sneak preview’ beforehand!


Day 3- Sightseeing and travelling back home

On the final day, I wore my new favourite pair of red trousers from Zara with a blue stripe down the side.  Side note- within an hour of wearing these trousers FOR THE FIRST TIME, in true Charlotte style I managed to spill my coffee all down them but luckily my mac managed to cover this up for photos! Even though you can’t see my top I wore a pink jumper, which you can see featured in my Easter blog post.


I really enjoyed sharing with you what I wore in London and hopefully you enjoyed seeing my outfits too!


I hope you all have a lovely week!


Until next week…


Charlotte x



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