What’s In My Beach Bag

Hello hello, it’s great to be back writing a blog post again as it does seem like a long old time but if you haven’t been following my adventures I’ve just got back from a lovely week in North Mallorca. It really was lovely to take some time off away from everything and get some much needed rest after a busy few months.

Today I’m going to be sharing with you what’s in my beach bag. Hopefully you’ll be able to pick up a few ideas before you jet off on any holidays or if you’re taking a trip to the beach locally!

Weirdly, I always love organising my beach bag. Just before heading to the beach or pool on holiday I’ll lay out everything I want to take and then organise it in my bag so that everything is easily accessible. This year I bought my beach bag from Primark, a few months back, however I think it’s still available in store now. This was the perfect size for me as I could get everything I wanted inside. It’s really sturdy and I love the added yellow pom poms which just screamed SUMMER at me.

Now, if I know I’m going to have a whole pool/beach day I like to make sure I pack enough to keep me entertained. As much as I love just sunning it up and sitting there aimlessly doing nothing, I like to make sure I’m doing something whilst catching the rays. Therefore, I pack a range of books, electronic items such as my tablet and phone (not photographed).

Summer Reads

A mix of magazines and books

Once exams were done, I wanted to get back into reading for fun and not just reading a never ending Law textbook. I’ve always loved reading but have found that as I’ve grown older I’ve not read as much as I once did and this is something I’m aiming to get back into this summer. I always buy magazines for the plane but usually I never actually read them during the flight so into the beach bag they go. This time I picked Elle and Cosmo, which actually came together with a FREE mini Benefit Roller Lash mascara- winner winner chicken dinner. My book of choice was ‘Wilde Like Me’ by Louise Pentland which is very well written. I’m yet to finish it but will give a full verdict once I’ve finished but usually I can tell within a few chapters whether I like a book and this one I’m already several chapters deep. I packed this book wherever we went as you never know when you may have an opportunity to read- I even stood reading in the queue for the bus, using my time wisely I say.

Bikini Bags

A must have essential

If there is one thing I would recommend as an essential in anyone’s beach bag it’s definitely these little silicone bikini bags. I picked mine up for £1 from Primark. These are so effective and slip so nicely just into the beach bag. These have multiple functions, of course as the bag suggests they’re handy for a wet bikini once you’ve left the beach and don’t want to walk round with wet boob stains. However, I also use mine to keep any precious items such as my phone and electricals so they don’t get wet. In a separate bag, I also keep sun cream in case of any leakage. These are so handy and are definitely one of my must have beach bag items.


Boring but useful

Now onto the boring but useful things I keep in my beach bag, you might pick up some ideas.

Tangle Teezer: This is an essential in my beach bag as there is nothing worse than wet knotty hair or if you’ve had an ice cream and the remains linger in some stray strands- even the thought of knotty, ice creamy hair is making my insides churn- just me?!

Sunglasses: OF COURSE. I mean these are a given, are you even on holiday if you don’t have sunglasses in your bag?

Earphones: These are an essential item for me. I like to listen to music, podcasts and any TV shows I have downloaded to watch. This holiday I was obsessed with George Ezra’s new album- his voice is so dreamy.

Sun Cream: Pretty standard and very much an essential in any bag you take out when abroad.

Mini pencil case: I always take a mini pencil case in my bag with a pen inside as you never know when you might want to jot down any ideas or someone needs to borrow one to do their holiday puzzlebook.

Extra flip-flops: I always pack an extra pair of basic flip flops. These are just the 90p Primark ones. I find that there is nothing better than slipping your feet into some comfy flip flops after being on the beach- especially if you’ve got sand in your toes and need to wash it off in the sea.

Additional things: Of course as well as all these items I also pack my phone, tablet, purse and a big bottle of water as it’s so important to stay hydrated whilst lying in the sun. Luckily I did stay hydrated after learning from the sun stroke mistakes of previous holidays.

I hope you found this post useful if you’re planning to go on holiday this season or head to the local beach.

What’s your must have item you have to take in your beach bag? Comment below.

Looking forward to sharing more from my holiday with you in future blog posts.

Have a fab week guys!

Until next week…

Charlotte x



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