Top Tips: Preparing for University!

So, you’ve been accepted into university, the nerves and excitement are starting to kick in- it’s time to start the next big adventure!

Today I’m going to be sharing some of my top tips of things to do in order to prepare for one of the most exciting times of your lives- moving to university!

Moving to university will bring a mixed bag of emotions for many. Excitement at the thought of independence and finally being able to move out and do your own thing- if that means eating cereal at midnight then so be it BECAUSE YOU CAN. Nerves for meeting and living with new people and having to fend for yourself. But moving to university should be a relatively exciting and easy process as it’s the goal you’ve worked so hard for to achieve the next step in your life!

Things to do before moving to university:

Before moving to university there are a few things you should do before starting to think about packing and doing the ever exciting homeware shop! (Consider this a mini checklist if you like)

  • Make sure you have firmly accepted all offers, including accommodation
  • If you didn’t get the accommodation you applied for, make sure you are in the process of sorting this out
  • Open a student bank account for your student loan and money to go into. Each bank offers a range of incentives to open a student bank account with them e.g. a free train pass for those journeys home
  • Join any official Facebook university groups. This may include: your official University academic year group, your course group, flat group chats and if you’re in a collegiate university, any college group chats
  • Once you have found some groups to join, depending on your personal preference, you may want to start getting to know some of the people to ease any awkwardness before meeting in real life. But don’t feel pressured to already know people, some people like to just meet their flat on the day. Personally, I had spoken to my flatmates for about a month before so it was nice on move in day to finally meet the people I had been talking to for the past few weeks!
  • Make a list. I found that listing everything and anything was an essential part of planning to go to university. List anything you may want to take, anything you need to buy, any textbooks or materials your course requires.
  • If your course requires you to do any reading before starting, make sure you’ve done this as it’s always good to go in ahead of the game and having a vague idea of what is happening.
  • Set up a My UniDays account. When going to university you will be taking all measures to cut costs and save some dollar so make sure you’re registered on Unidays .


Shopping for University:

Loving everything homeware, shopping for university was one of the most exciting things I was looking forward to before I headed off to university. However, many people believe they need to buy everything and anything. This is NOT the case. There is no need to go out and buy the newest appliances. Luckily for me, my family and I had just moved into a new house during the summer before moving to university, which meant we had a lot of spare cutlery, plates and mugs etc.

HOWEVER, there is a fine reason as to WHY you don’t need to buy all new. I started the year with 6 mugs, 4 plates and numerous bits of cutlery. I really don’t know what I did last year but somehow I managed to smash a whole rack of mugs leaving me with 2 for the rest of the year, smash 2 plates and 2 bowls oh and who knew it was possible to snap 4 teaspoons?!?! (Just call me the Hulk.) So, I’m glad that my kitchenware was not the most expensive as it’s no longer with me *sniff*.

If your bedroom has a colour scheme and you’re aware of this before going, this makes shopping easier. I knew my walls were a hideous orange colour which narrowed down my colour scheme. I opted for grey to tone down the orange. Most university accommodation will come with the essentials such as: a bin, lighting, toasters and kettles, ironing boards so there is no need to buy the whole of the appliances section.

What I would advise is, take the essentials, things which are personal to you and some home comforts whilst at university. My top home-comforts for your bedroom include:

  • Fairy lights– these are a must as they make your room feel A LOT more cosy
  • Cute bedding- Having bedding which is cute will make such a difference to your university bedroom and give it a cosy vibe. I had two sets of different bedding so I could alternate weekly and helps when washing!
  • Pictures– print of any picture of friends, family, pets, holidays- anything which reminds you of home. University accommodation often comes with a pin board and I used one of my pin boards solely for pictures.
  • A diffuser– candles most likely will not be allowed in your accommodation so a diffuser is a great way to make your room smell nice. If there is a particular scent that is used at home why not buy the same scent to have in your room.
  • A ted/blanket– now you may be thinking it’s university who has teddy’s. TRUST ME. EVERYONE has a ted or some sort of home comfort with them and you WILL NOT be judged. And it makes your bed look nice- what’s not to love?
  • Cushions– cushions are a MUST as they make your bed look cute and cosy. They don’t need to be expensive
  • A doorstop– I heard about taking a doorstop before going to university and I’m so glad I had one. On move in day and freshers week, having your door open is such a welcoming way to your flatmates so you don’t feel enclosed in your new room. Having your door open allows your flatmates to pop their head in the door or for you to have it open so you can easily get out if someone is in the corridor.
  • Hangers– this is something you might not think of but hangers are an essential as it is likely your wardrobe will not come with any. You can pick hangers up really cheaply or usually shops give them away for free. I find that always saying YES when asked if I’d like to keep the hanger was a great idea as I could keep it to take to university to hang my clothes.

Useful but boring things also include:

  • A printer– although this isn’t essential as you will have access to a printer at university but I found it handy to have one in my room
  • A planner– I found having a planner/journal was so useful so I could plan my weeks and see any deadlines I had each week
  • A wall calendar– this is useful to pin to your pin board so I could count down the end of each terms or highlight an important date
  • A laundry basket– very useful so you can have a place to put your dirty clothes
  • Airing rack– this is so useful for drying your clothes if you don’t want to pay any extra for the tumble dryer
  • Bag for life– these will be a major help to you as students for your weekly shops and it means you don’t have to spend 5p on a plastic bag which will more than likely break on your walk home. I found hessian totes the most useful (I got a LOAD from the freshers fair) which are strong and sturdy and super useful for shopping!

My top kitchen appliances:

If you’re not in catered accommodation there might be a few kitchen utensils you want to take. And there will definitely be things you take and 100% not use. For example, I took a hand whisk with the intention of doing all this baking for my flat- it’s safe to say, the hand whisk remained in the back of the cupboard for the year. It’s also important to remember that the thing you forget or don’t have, it is guaranteed that one of your flatmates will have and throughout the year you will all be sharing each other’s things so you will all have enough between you.

  • 2 of everything– plates, bowls, glasses etc-there is no need to buy a family-sized kitchen set. It is likely your cupboard space will be limited so you need to keep to the bare essentials.
  • Pots and pans– I took 3 different sized pans and a wok which was really useful
  • Tupperware– this is an essential when cooking as it saves you time and money so you can put any food int the fridge in Tupperware boxes.
  • Measuring jug– always very useful, don’t ask me why as I used mine to store my cutlery in for the year and that was about it.
  • Ice blocks/cubes– this was something I didn’t take however some of my flatmates did and it really did come in handy throughout the year. The silicone ice cube freezers are really handy when you want to make your drinks cooler.

Top tips:

The best tip I had been told and I took on board this year was to make your kitchen utensils individual and unique to you so that yours can easily be identified. This might mean getting patterned cutlery (I had red and spotty) or putting a dot of nail varnish or permanent marker on each utensil. This saves a lot of hassle when tidying up and stops people from claiming your items as their own.

Just remember you do not need to move your WHOLE bedroom out. My bedroom at home looked as though I had never left as after all that is still my home and I wanted it to be just as nice for when I came home during the holidays. Also, your space in your new room will probably be limited so it will be hard transporting your entire wardrobe over (trust me, I tried and the majority ended up going back with my parents).

Pack for the seasons. Leading on from the tip above, if you’re moving in September you do not need to take your Summer wardrobe with you. Pack your Autumnal and Winter clothes and leave your Spring and Summer clothes at home. Likewise when you return in January you can start leaving a jumper or two at home.

Do not panic. If you forget something or you think you don’t have enough stuff, trust me YOU WILL. Even if you go with the bare essentials, that will be enough. And remember, you’re not stranded if you need to buy something there’s numerous cheap shops and Amazon just a click away!


I hope this has been of some use to you if you’re heading off to university this year. I’m hoping to be doing more university related posts this year so if there’s anything you’d like to know, leave a comment below and I’ll try to help!


Good Luck with the big move!


Until next time…


Charlotte x






  1. Emily
    September 5, 2018 / 10:16 pm

    Ahh thank you so much for this post, I’ve been trying to think of things I’ve forgotten to list for ages and you’ve helped me big time !!!

    • charlotte
      September 7, 2018 / 7:44 pm

      Yay I’m so glad this post has helped you, I’m glad I have managed to provide some hopefully useful information for you! Good luck with the move to university Xxx

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