Spring pink!

Hello, me again! I can’t believe it’s Sunday already and the last weekend in May- where is the time going?! Yes, I have become that person, I must be getting old! I hope you’re all enjoying your Sunday and looking forward to an extra lie in tomorrow! Today I’m going to be sharing with you how I have been styling my new pink trousers from Zara, which are a firm favourite in my wardrobe at the moment! Again, I have linked any items mentioned in case anything takes your fancy.


This season, I have been loving a wide-leg style trouser, which is so unlike me as I have always loved a slim-fit style. However, I’m now moving away from this (not completely) but this season there are some amazing trousers out there which really can make a bold statement, if you’ve read my London post you know I love my red trousers, also from Zara! When I saw these trousers on the TV, I knew I had to have them as the pink just screamed Spring at me and reminded me of blossom!

I love the fact that the trousers have a belt which cinches in the waist as the wide-leg fitting allows for a narrower fit on top. I’ve been wearing these trousers with a loosely fitting white shirt and of course, my white boots. (I promise this will be the last post I mention them in!). But I have also been wearing them more casually with a white trainer too.

The quality of these trousers is excellent and are 100% cotton. Although they are so baggy in the leg, they may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I think they look so nice for Spring/Summer when you don’t fully want to commit to getting your legs out. The only thing I have found is that the material does crease a lot after sitting down but I love them just the same nonetheless- nothing an iron can’t fix!

Something I knew I definitely wanted this season was a neckerchief. I think they really change an outfit completely and for me give a Parisian vibe. I went on the hunt to find a neckerchief and where do I always head for in times of need? That’s right- ZARA! And did they let me down? OH HELL NO. When does Zara, the bae, ever let you down? Never. I was spoilt for choice in my local store, I honestly didn’t know which one to go for!  This meant one thing. I snapped a photo of the abundance of neckerchiefs stood in front of me and sent it to my Mum as I always do in times of fashion SOS. Funnily enough, she picked the one I had been eyeing up since the beginning but her advice was the clarification I needed.

This led me to purchasing this gorgeous multi-coloured neckerchief. The website does call it a scarf due to its long length so I love the versatility of this item.  I adore the colours in this as they’re so bright and vibrant and I figured by buying a multi-coloured neckerchief, I would be able to wear this with so many lovely outfits! If you get a moment, do check out Zara for their neckerchiefs and scarfs; they have some really gorgeous colours for this season!

I have really enjoyed sharing this look with you and how I’ve been styling my new purchases. What is your new favourite fashion trend this season? I’d love to know!

I’m so grateful to the super lovely and wonderful Beth (@bethstevensphotography ) for the photos so I could share this post with you! Go and check her out over on Instagram!

I hope you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend and enjoy your short week!


Until next week…


Charlotte x






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