Seeing Tanya Burr in Confidence!

Hey guys, hope you’ve all had a lovely week and are as excited as I am because Love Island starts TONIGHT- say goodbye to my social life for the next 8 weeks!

On Tuesday 29th May, I was fortunate enough to take a trip down to the capital with my bestie, Ella, to see the theatre performance of Confidence starring the lovely Tanya Burr. We’d wanted to go and see the play as soon as she announced she’d be starring as the main character and it just so happened our dates matched up and within a few days we’d booked tickets and hopped on a train to London. Although, I wish it had been just as simple as hopping on a train but with delays and bank robbers trespassing the line delaying us even further (you best believe it), in true British transport style, it wasn’t quite that simple but hey, we got there and back in one piece!

Oh how naive I was to think it would actually be sunny in London…

We had both carefully planned our outfits, having avidly checked the weather forecast, channelling our inner meteorologists, leading up to 29th, however we were perhaps a bit too optimistic. We had planned for humid, slight chance of rain, maybe even some thunder. However, the summer tea dress I had worn was not prepared for what the British weather actually threw at us. I WAS SOAKED. After catching the tube to Southwark and walking to find the Playhouse, we were both completely drenched. Hair ruined. Make-up ruined. Clothes wet. We looked like drown rats. But we didn’t let this dampen our spirits (if you pardon the pun), even if it did dampen our clothes!

Taken as we arrived in the bar at the Playhouse- as you can see the weather was NOT on our side (I was clearly not amused- at least Ella remained happy!)

The play took place at Southwark Playhouse and when we walked into the theatre I was so shocked at how small and intimate the play was. We were lucky enough to get front row seats (next to Tanya’s Grandparents!) which are allocated on a first come first served basis so despite it being a full house, we were really lucky to get such good seats! The set was practically on the same level as us, I don’t think I’ve ever been so close to a performance and it was something I definitely enjoyed as it felt so real and added to the drama.

We went to see the matinee performance on Tuesday 29th May starting at 3.30 and ending at 5.30. We had hoped to get tickets for the Q&A session but unfortunately it had sold out! Walking into ‘The Little” (the room where the play took place) I definitely got the Brighton/seaside vibes. The play is set in the 1990s, so think fruit machines, retro cafes, ice cream kiosks, fluorescent shell tracksuits, that kinda vibe.

In all honesty, I really didn’t know what to expect from the play but I can truthfully say it was fantastic! Both myself and Ella thoroughly enjoyed it. Tanya played the protagonist, funnily enough also called Ella and for her debut theatre role she really was excellent! When watching the play I got so engrossed in the character of Ella that I didn’t even think it was Tanya- her character could not be any more further away from the Tanya Burr everyone knows, which just credits her acting ability as the portrayal of Ella was excellent and her ability to get into this different character made for great viewing! Having read some theatre critic reviews after the show I really feel these were too harsh and does not do the play justice. Tanya and her 4 other cast mates:¬†Dean (Will Pattle), Ben (Rhys Yates), Ruby (Anna Crichlow), Edwin Bayliss (Lace Akpojaro) all worked so well and definitely brought out the best in each other on stage. Having watched Tanya’s recent vlog, the friendliness between the cast members could definitely be seen on stage and it was so nice to see this continued off stage.

Don’t you want to be rich and living in Hollywood?”- Ella

The play was humorous, raunchy with explicit language and involved many a Cadbury flake- I will never be able to order a 99 flake ice cream in the same way ever again. If you know, you know. If you don’t- then you NEED to go see this play! However due to this I would advise that it is not for younger viewers which is something to bare in mind before booking which I wouldn’t think is a bad thing as it demonstrates how Tanya is catering for an older audience detracting from her younger Youtube audience. I really loved the costumes, they were typical 90s, shell tracksuits, bright bomber jackets, gelled middle parting hair. The set, from the retro seaside cafe to the 90s style ice pops were spot on throughout the play and complimented the acting so well.

The outfit I wore on our second day in London was perhaps more ‘rain friendly’

I don’t want to go into too much detail of the play as I really believe you should go see it in order to see for yourselves what it’s really like (if you can!). Go in with an open mind like we did! If you’re a student, even better news because, like me, you can get tickets at a discounted rate of ¬£16 which is so reasonable for a 2 hour play!

This was a really enjoyable trip to London to see Confidence and the cast and crew members should be proud of their hard work. It was also nice to experience a smaller and more intimate play rather than a typical bigger stage performance.

Have you been to any theatre shows recently? What has been your favourite show you’ve ever seen? I’d love to know some recommendations as I’d love to see some more plays this year!

I hope you all have a lovely week!

Until next week…


Charlotte x




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