Pumpkin patches, Bonfire Night and a Catch-Up!

Hello lovelies, do not faint in shock, it is me writing a blog post- my first post in 2 months, I cannot believe it has been 2 whole months either!

This is a well needed catch-up post about where I’ve been, some things I’ve been doing and just having a good ol’ natter with you guys!

So, where exactly have I been?

If you follow me across social media or just know me you will know there isn’t a really interesting story about where I’ve been- I wish there was but to be honest there really isn’t! Since my last post, I have started my second year of Law at university and THAT is the reason for my lack of blog posts. Second year has been crazy busy so far with balancing the workload, attending careers opportunities and applying for my placement year. I was thinking of a way to describe second year and the only way I could put it is like when you’re a child at soft play and you’re trying to run up a steep slide, you know the type that gave you an electric shock every second, with socks on and just as you think you’re about to reach the top…you slide all the way back down. You get my drift?

I’ve been focusing on settling in and enjoying the beginning of my second year as it is actually crazy how fast the time at university goes!  However, I now feel as though I can balance the work with finding the time to write a blog post. I’ve now entered week 8 of 10 which means I only have 2 whole weeks left of my first term. My university have the shortest terms and the longest holidays which is both a negative and a positive!

I went home during week 5 as this was our reading week and going home at the halfway point was definitely needed.  It was so lovely going home to see my family and my dog. Last year I did go home quite a few times during first term. However, this year my timetable isn’t as flexible which means I’d only be going home for 1 full day to come back on a Sunday evening. There’s only so much student living you can put up with, so going home during this week was definitely needed!

So to put it briefly, I have just been settling down into my second year of uni which has taken up a whole lot of my time. I started this blog as a place I wanted to write about things I love when and as I want.  I didn’t want to feel like writing was a chore which is why I haven’t uploaded in a couple of months and for me that is OK. Sometimes, life gets in the way and if you have read my ‘Why I Quit‘ blog post a lot of this is relevant for my absence.

Now for some fun seasonal activities…

Pumpkin Patchin’

I know Halloween was sooo October but I couldn’t escape a blog post without mentioning my pumpkin patch visit. I mean come on, pumpkins are cute right?! A few more won’t hurt!

I visited our local farm shop and at Halloween this place is amazing and always so busy! I went with my Mum and off we went to pick a pumpkin or two. Choosing THE pumpkin has always been a tradition so it was nice to be able to go back and do it again this year.

What’s a trip to a pumpkin patch without a photo shoot, right?

Bonfire Night

Last Saturday, myself and my uni pals hopped in the car and headed to a local firework display. This was something we had all been wanting to do, something to look forward to after a day of working. It was a lovely evening and got me excited for being in my favourite season.

This time of year is definitely my favourite time, the smells, the festive drinks, the clothes, the Autumnal colours, the cold weather just everything about this time of year I LOVE. I definitely prefer it over summer- unpopular opinion?

So, that’s about it. I wish there was a more exciting back story as to where I have been but honestly there isn’t. I’m hoping now I have found the right balance to write my blog posts as this is something I really enjoy!

I’ve got some exciting content coming in the next few weeks and stay tuned for the December Christmas posts!

What’s your favourite time of the year? Let me know in the comments down below.

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Have a fabulous week lovelies!

Until next time…


Charlotte x



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