My new Topshop purchase!

Hey guys, happy Sunday! I am so looking forward for this upcoming week to be over because I officially finish my first year of uni- where has the time gone?! But I cannot wait for summer!

Anyway, today I’m going to be sharing with you my new favourite Topshop purchase that I recently bought and have been LOVING! I have linked any current items to the Topshop website.

The other week when I was knee deep in essay writing, I decided to scroll through the Topshop website- some call it procrastination, I call it a well earned break…right? I checked out the ‘new in’ section and came across this AMAZING gingham jumpsuit which at first sight I just KNEW I had to have and just like that it went straight in my basket- brutal. Now, although it was a little pricey I felt it was justified as it was a NEED like this was the item of clothing my wardrobe was crying out for. But at this moment in time, I would just like to personally thank student discount for justifying this need even further- like it just HAD to be done. (see this is what I’m like I just talk myself into buying every item of clothing telling myself it’s justifiable-oops!) But the quality of this jumpsuit is amazing so I never mind spending a little bit extra if the quality lives up to the price!



I really liked how Topshop had styled this jumpsuit as I have a blouse which is so similar to the one they paired it with- except mine is last season and from TU at Sainsbury’s! So I decided to replicate the look. But of course, I paired mine with my Topshop boots– it appears these are glued to my feet at the moment, I just love them too much!


The boots that just won’t come off my feet…

I have also been loving the basket bag trend and when I went into Topshop to collect the golden package, it JUST so happened that the basket bags were there- IN MY EYE LINE. So, what did ya girl go and do? She only went and bought a basket bag to pair with the jumpsuit. Sorry, but it had to be done (again). I like to call this my ‘Dorothy’ look- it’s a good job I didn’t go for the plaits with this look, otherwise I could have looked like I had literally just followed the yellow brick road.

Dorothy is that you?!

I really am loving these new items I have bought and unintentionally (except the blouse) all from Topshop. But these items will last me for so long and I know that I will definitely get the wear out of all the items- look at the boots, I can’t take them off my feet!

I’m so thankful to the amazingly talented Olivia (@oac_photography) for the photos so¬† I could show you guys how I’ve been styling my new purchases, we had such a fun shoot! Go and check her out!

I hope you all have enjoyed reading about the new love of my life and how I’ve been styling it. I hope you all have a fabulous week.

Until next week…


Charlotte x


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