Happy Easter!

A Happy Easter to those who celebrate it and if not then happy Sunday everyone and I hope you’re having a relaxing few days! How is it Easter already? Wasn’t Christmas like yesterday?! Anyway, I’ve thought about a few reasons as to why I like Easter and why it’s special to me.


Spring Springing

I really look forward to Easter and feel like it’s an occasion which doesn’t get as much appreciation as others. For me it’s a sign that Spring is on its way, I mean, the weather might not make it feel like Spring but it’s a sign it’s impending. I remember one Easter it was SO hot that I wore shorts and flip flops all day but sadly this was the only form of a summers day we had that year so I guess if that’s the case I think I’ll wait until summer for the nice weather to properly come! I love seeing the daffodils and snowdrops bloom in the garden as after a dreary winter the flowers really make the garden look bright and fresh and gives me a form of motivation.


When I was younger I used to love the chocolate side of Easter as I’m pretty sure most children are excited to wake up to see if the Easter bunny has been. But as I’ve grown up I’ve realised it’s more than just chocolate which makes Easter so nice. I feel like Christmas is the main celebration in the year where families get together but Easter is perhaps the first time since December you might be seeing some family members. It’s nice to have a celebration to look forward to for a get-together as nowadays we’re all so wrapped up in our own lives that it can be hard to see extended family members or friends who live away. I’ll be spending my day with family, having my Mum’s famous roast and an Easter egg hunt- but who’s more excited me or the 4 year old?! (definitely me)


Easter Baking

I feel that no matter the occasion or celebration there is ALWAYS an excuse to bake and the recipes which float around at Easter are not to be missed. My key staple to any sweet Easter treat is definitely MINI EGGS, those little pastel balls of joy. What’s not to love?! I recently made some gluten free chocolate Easter cupcakes using a Stork recipe. These cupcakes tasted amazing and you couldn’t even notice the difference that they were gluten free!


And how could I forget, what’s not to love about a 4 day weekend? That’s something we can all agree that is a definite added bonus about Easter!

I hope you all have had a lovely day and have the Sundayest Monday ever tomorrow! What’s your favourite thing about Easter?

Until next week…

Charlotte x


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