Festive Film Faves

Nothing says Christmas more than getting into your new festive pyjamas, grabbing a hot chocolate and sitting and watching your favourite Christmas film. From old classics to new Netflix originals there is something to tickle all your festive taste buds! Today, I’m going to be sharing with you some of my top festive film picks!

Number 1: My all time favourite

If there is one film that is bound to get me in the festive mood, even on the hottest day in Summer, it hands down has to be Elf. This film is a Christmas CLASSIC. I am yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like this film. I can vividly remember going to see this in the cinema when it came out in November 2003 when I was just 6 years old! It’s such a feel good, funny and festive film. Not only does it put me in the ultimate festive spirit, it make me CRAVE to go to NYC at Christmas. Honestly, if you’ve never seen it WHERE have you been? Everyone needs a bit of Will Ferrell at Christmas. I feel like I can relate to Elf, you know, a bit (ok very) long limbed, bit clumsy and loves Christmas…just call me Elf!

Number 2: A Christmas Classic 

Nothing makes my festive heart warm more than a Christmas classic and my personal favourite being Miracle on 34th Street. I absolutely love this film and just think it’s such a lovely family classic. The Christmas magic, the parades and the magic surrounding Santa Clause just warms my heart! I have watched the original however, I must say I do prefer the modern version as I always think Susan (the little girl) reminds me of me at that age during Christmas- especially the cute lil’ coats she wears!

Number 3: A Festive Rom Com

Christmas, the season of love, so what is better than a holiday season rom com?! And of course, it HAS to be The Holiday. I ADORE this film. It makes me feel all smushy inside and what’s better than your average Christmas film? A Christmas film with Jude Law in, which makes it even more enjoyable to watch! For me, it’s The Holiday over Love Actually any day of the week. I’m yet to watch The Holiday this festive season as I am waiting for the perfect moment but I cannot wait to watch a bit of soppy romance!

Number 4: Kids Classics

Polar Express, an absolute Christmas kids classic. I love this film so much, I know there are a few people who dislike it but I just think the Polar Express is spreads so much magic. I remember going to see it in the cinema with my Aunty and brother back in 2004 so I think that’s why I like this film so much as I have known it since it came out. Especially when I was younger, there was nothing better than getting a pic ‘n’ mix and going to the cinema to watch a Christmas film to fully ignite the festive feels!

Number 5: Last but not least…

Another family classic which is loved in our household is Jingle All The Way. This is such an easy family watch. I wouldn’t say it’s as heart warming as some other Christmas films but it still feels festive and brings a lot of the Christmas parade magic into your living room. 

Some other favourites include:

  • ┬áSanta Clause 1 and 2- I used to have these on video and absolutely adored these films.
  • Jack Frost- a REAL tear-jerker.
  • A Golden Christmas- if you like dogs, WATCH- need I say anymore?!

Now, go make a hot chocolate, put on your Christmas pyjamas and watch your favourite festive film! 

What’s your all time favourite Christmas film which fills you instantly with festive joy? Let me know in the comments below! 

Have a fabulously festive week!

Until next time…

Charlotte x


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