Farewell 2018

As I’m sitting here writing this blog post, it’s finally starting to sink in, we are entering ANOTHER new year. I feel like you know you’re getting older and turning into your parents when you say ‘where has the year gone?’. Anyway, as 2018 draws to a close, I thought now would be the perfect time for a moment of reflection of my year.

From the Beast from the East, the Royal Wedding to the heatwave World Cup Summer, it’s fair to say that 2018 is definitely one to remember and for me, its for all the right reasons.

Reflecting on this year, I’d say I’ve definitely learnt a lot. I’ve grown, I’ve prospered . I’ve learnt about myself, the people around me and learnt to focus on exactly what I want. I’m entering the new year surrounded by some amazing new people and have lost some along the way. But that’s what life is about. It’s about learning to adapt, to change to strive through the challenges and this is something I have definitely done this year. After all, you glo through what you go through- right? And another very obvious thing- I started this blog this year which is something I will speak about later on.

”You glo through what you go through”

I also find it hard to think about the beginning of the year and then I remember why- I took a 12 week social media detox and did not go on social media for 3 months and this was honestly one of the best things I did this year. You can check out my blog post all about it here.

Focusing on myself

Some may call it selfish and others may call it self love. But 2018 has definitely been a year for ‘me’. A time to realise what I want, focus on looking after myself, focusing on those around me, surrounding myself with truly amazing people. One thing I achieved was finally speaking to someone about my mental health which is something I am definitely not very vocal about. It sounds weird to say but I feel as though I have found my smile again, if you know YOU KNOW. I have not smiled and laughed as much as I have this year with some of the greatest people and the memories made during this year I will cherish forever.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it would be wrong for you to assume that I’ve had no bad days- it’s inevitable I’ve had bad days, bad weeks BUT, this year I have learnt the art of picking myself up from the bad times, learning and growing. With this, my confidence has grown no end.

Seeking the Adventure

This year, I wanted to say YES to more things. To embrace challenges, to put myself outside of my comfort zone and do exactly as I want. And looking back, as cheesy as it sounds, I am so proud of myself for everything I have gotten involved in even when I thought I couldn’t. Don’t get me wrong- there was a day I walked half a mile to the gym, got to the door and just couldn’t go in because I was too scared and walked all the way back home- I mean if that doesn’t sound like the most Charlotte thing to do I don’t know what does.

Saying yes to more and being more spontaneous has resulted in me getting to travel to more places. I went on several trips to London, went to numerous cities across the UK (honestly, I DREAD to think about the amount of money I have spent this year on trains which have nearly always been delayed). I went to see Tanya Burr in play. Saying YES meant I spontaneously booked to go to Prague just a few weeks before we went- something which I used to have had to need planned months in advance- speaking of spontaneous we also had a few issues with reading the metro in Prague so I suggested we hopped on a random metro and hoped for the best (yes I did panic majorly once I thought we were heading underground- it was actually a tunnel- I’m lol-ing at myself thinking about it now). I also travelled to Mallorca for the first time with my Mum and spent a fantastic week in Cornwall to attend my cousin’s beautiful wedding.

Starting InCharlottesEyes

A notably thing which has come out of 2018 was the launch of this blog! This is something I had wanted to start for such a long time and to finally have launched it this year is something I am so proud of. I set up this blog and the Instagram in March and to think I started with no-one knowing about it to now almost 1.4K people following me is something which I find almost bizarre. This blog has already given me so many opportunities. Since growing my confidence this has enabled me to do blog photo shoots. I had my first paid brand sponsorship which is something I couldn’t believe someone wanted to work with me. I’ve been contacted by brands (not all of whom who I take up the offers I must admit) and have gotten to know so many lovely people through this platform.

If you’re thinking about starting a blog in 2019- DO IT. That is my advice.

My Top 5 Highlights from 2018

Picking just 5 is such a hard task as there are a number of memories I will be taking out of this year. But here goes:

  1. Getting my first paid sponsorship through starting this blog.
  2. My academic successes and my getting involved with different legal opportunities which I have been chosen for.
  3. My holiday to Prague.
  4. THE ENGLAND WORLD CUP- I’m not even sorry to admit it- I was HIGHLY invested. Although it didn’t come home, it’s something that will go down in history.
  5. Finding my smile, finding my happiness and surrounding myself with the most amazing people.

I just also want to add- the nights out this year have been so much fun as a result of finding happiness in myself. I’ve been able to let my hair down and make some amazing memories with my friends (some of which are a bit hazy- due to the gin I must admit) but nonetheless, I will cherish these for a long time.

Some lessons I’ve learnt this year:

  1. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
  2. If it is broke, DO seek to fix it.
  3. It’s ok to do what’s best for you, no matter what.
  4. I’m stronger than I think.
  5. Health, is wealth. (A big lesson I’m taking away this year)

Looking Forward

I am really looking forward to 2019. I hope to take the lessons learnt from 2018 into the new year and learn even more about myself and others. I’ll be doing another blog post all about my 2019 goals so stay tuned for that.

But for now, I wish you all a Happy and Healthy 2019 and I hope this is YOUR year.

2018, you’ve been fun.

Charlotte x


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