Exploring Mallorca

Hey guys! A new week calls for a new travel style blog post! I’m going to be sharing with you a few of the things I did on my recent holiday to Mallorca.

In June, myself and my Mum went on a girls holiday to Can Picafort, North Mallorca. Choosing a holiday for the both of us was pretty simple as we both knew we wanted a cheap and cheerful summer holiday where we could lie by the pool and catch a few rays to relax- simple as! When I think of Mallorca, I always just thought of Magaluf and all the bits and bobs which go with that. HOWEVER, as with every country of course there is more to it than just the well known areas and Can Picafort was somewhere I’d never heard of before.

The Hotel

We stayed in a 4* hotel in the centre of Can Picafort. It was a lovely hotel with a choice of 2 pools. We always opted for the one across the road as the pool was bigger and there was a cute little bridge connecting the two sides of the pool. As we stayed half board, this post is limited regarding places to eat as we had breakfast and our evening meals at the hotel as it was included in the price. However, we did see a range of places from Italian, Chinese to a Reggae restaurant.

The hotel did exactly what we wanted, we couldn’t fault it! The staff were friendly, knowledgeable and really helpful at recommending the must-see attractions. Reading the reviews before we went, we had taken the advice to take our own kettle as there weren’t any provided in the hotel. Both being avid tea drinkers, we took a portable travel kettle with us (yes really) and it was definitely a holiday essential! We do love tea and this was one of the best tips we could have read, we really are oh so stereotypically British when it comes to tea drinking- we take it VERY seriously.

Now, less tea talk and back to the hotel. The hotel also came equipped with a complimentary gym which I used every day and it was great for a mid afternoon gym sesh to escape the heat.

I’d highly recommend this hotel for a couple or for friends, it had everything (minus the kettle) you could have wanted for a week away!

Can Picafort

On a slightly more cloudy and humid day we decided to explore the local town we were staying in. Granted we’d already sussed out Mango (obviously the top attraction of Can Picafort, I MEAN) we decided to venture further, broadening our horizons. Can Picafort is like any typical tourist town, think market stalls selling bracelets, inflatables on the street enticing you into the shop because you just NEED that inflatable flamingo for those Insta shots and hair braiding taking place at each end of the street.

Strolling around the streets and along the promenade really gave that holiday vibe. There were people playing in the sea, sand castles being built. Luckily for us, it wasn’t prime holiday season as it was early June so it was quiet with not too many children around which was nice and peaceful.

Can Picafort is well known for its ancient history and as I was strolling along the coastline I was bemused when I came across these sculptures on the land. I have since googled what they were and have learnt they are called “Can Picafort, la nueva Itaca del Mediterrani” translating to ”Can Picafort, the Mediterranean’s new Ithaca”. If you want to find out more about the sculptures I found this website useful when doing my own research.

We really did see all the sights!

Port D’Alcudia

As Can Picafort is situated on the Bay of Alcudia, it was a must for us to visit given that it was only a 20 minute taxi ride away. Initially we had been going on a bus but after waiting half an hour to find all buses were full (public transport is a whole different level over there) we decided we’d split a taxi with 3 others, who were also from Wales and soon became our besties for the day, and we all set off to Alcudia.

It wouldn’t be a holiday without a bit of failed bartering so we headed to Alcudia market situated amongst the cobbled streets of Alcudia Old Town. The markets took up the majority of the streets in the beginning but once we ventured further we eventually lost ourselves amongst the cobbles. It really was a picturesque place- which is probably where most of my 1,100 photos were taken on this day! I love history and learning about how places have commercialised to fit today’s society from what it once was is really interesting, I’ve also seen similar in Venice, Montenegro and Malta. I think it’s so nice places like this have kept the original Old Town whilst encompassing the new.

I’d have loved to have taken a horse and cart ride around the town however, using our legs we managed just as well and this enabled us to take it all in for ourselves. I’ll definitely be going back to Alcudia in the future as it was so picturesque and I feel there is a lot more to explore!


Palma being the capital, we knew we had to take a day trip there. However, with us being in the North it meant we’d need a bus ride which lasted just over an hour which was ideal as it meant I could catch a few zzzs on the bus (and I did for the entire ride). I loved Palma because if you’ve read my post then you know I love a city vibe. We went on a gloriously hot day and everything just looked so beautiful. I completely fell in love with Palma Cathedral which really was something else. We paid 7 euros each to go inside the Cathedral and it was worth it as it was so peaceful to take a seat and admire the glass stained windows.

We were completely taken aback by the Cathedral and spent most of the day ambling around the streets around it and somehow always coming back to it as it was just so pretty.

And of course, would it be a trip to the city without a trip to Zara in its birthplace, the damage really was done here before catching our bus ride back.


So, that just about concludes my travels around Mallorca and the sights I saw. It wasn’t really a sightseeing holiday as we just wanted to have some time to relax but we definitely made the most of our time here and visited as many things as we could.

In the future I think I’ll definitely go back to Palma for a girls weekend break as it is the perfect place for a few days away.

Have you ever been to Mallorca? If so, where did you go?

I hope you all have had a lovely weekend and I’ll be back very soon with a new blog post!

Until next week…

Charlotte x




  1. Streethappy
    July 29, 2018 / 10:17 pm

    I’ve never been, but I sure would like to!! Seemes like such a great vacay location 😍😍

    • charlotte
      August 2, 2018 / 4:02 pm

      It was my first time visiting there and I’ll definitely be going back! I’d recommend Palma and Alcudia for a weekend break! Thank you for the comment! Xxx

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